Tuesday, November 29, 2011

final project!!!!!


The Whole Process

The whole process of this whole project has been stressful to say the least. From the beginning I knew this was going to be hard. I mean I messed up the project proposal! I thing that is what threw me off from the start of this whole project. Since I didn't completely understand what I had to do, I was reluctant to do it.  I do have a mac book and I guess I am up to date on the whole world of technology, but using the apps on my computer such as iMovie and Garage were so hard for me. They were extremely difficult to figure out. But, I have to say, once I figured out how to use everything, I became obsessed with both applications. All I want to do is make movies now and edit them with different transitions and add text and audio. It is so cool! I am not completely finished with the project yet, but I feel a lot better than I did before! I am definitely less stressed than I was before and am excited to see the final products!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Helpful Blogs for the classroom now ohh

I liked this blog because it had pictures and offered different creative ideas. I liked the "If I Were President" assignment she talks about. And I also like how she gives different examples of things to do if you are a teacher and home sick.
I liked this blog because i liked the way the teacher talked. One could read this blog and see how passionate the teacher is about what they teach.
I really liked this blog! It was so cute and colorful and it included both personal things and activities she did in the classroom with her students. I loved how she did a lesson on apples and shared on the blog her favorite "apple books".
I found this blog off the 'chalk talk' blog and I really like this one too! What I really liked about his one was how she posted pictures of the worksheets she did in class with her students.
This blog is so cute because every post is so creative and decorative just like a post that could be found in a classroom.
I like this blog for the same reasons as the one listed above. The posts are all so thought out and so much effort is put into making them look nice and presentable.
I really like this one. I like how this one applies to the parents of the students and the teacher gives details of what they did in class. I also liked how she took actual pictures from the stuff she does in class and the posters she uses in class so the parents can see what heir children are doing.
Another great blog with pictures from the actual classroom for the parents to see.
This one was cute. I liked the interactive halloween themed things she did in the classroom with her students. I laughed reading it, i thought the teacher was funny and clever.
This blog is actually the blog of my SEFE teacher! I really like this blog because it is designed specifically for the parents viewing. She gives in detail what we do in the class and i loved the slide show she made of the students!
I thought this blog was cute because it was a kindergarten blog and it had pictures of the classroom and of the students handwriting, so cute! and i like the description the teacher gives and what she does in class with the students.

I really wanted to look at both elementary blogs and high school, but i could not find an high school blogs. Although i was disappointed in that, i was very happy with all the elementary blogs i found!

Helpful websites for the classroom

While researching websites for the other day that will be helpful to the class, I came across this one:
I found this website incredibly useful because it offered many information and resources for teachers. It offers lesson plans for specific grades as well as lesson plans for specific subject matter. I really enjoyed looking at this website because it made me excited about being a teacher and using activities like the ones on the website in the actual classroom! All the activities that were offered all seemed so fun and helpful to the students. Even the lesson plans offered were so interactive and helpful. The whole thing just got me very excited for becoming a teacher.